Email Marketing: Complete Explanation for Beginners

It is common knowledge that digital email marketing is currently one of the things that is currently popular, especially in business. Many businesses are slowly using digital marketing as a strategy to carry out marketing and improve business. But did you know that digital marketing has various channels that can be used to run campaigns … Read more

Email Marketing: Definition, Examples, & Effectiveness

Email marketing is a strategy that many companies use to do marketing. So, do you know what email marketing is and how to implement it? Simply put, email marketing is email containing commercial content or messages sent to customers and potential customers, such as information about products, ongoing promotions or events, and others. The main … Read more

Email Marketing Definition, Benefits and How to Use It

Email marketing is a digital marketing method that is carried out by sending emails to customers or consumers. With various purposes, some are just to provide information and education related to products and so on to consumers. Some are done to do branding or to increase sales. In an era of increasingly sophisticated technological developments. … Read more