What is Email Marketing and How it Works?

Email marketing is a strategy that many companies use to do marketing. So, do you know what email marketing is and how to implement it? In simple terms, this strategy means using email as a marketing medium. However, please note that this type is different from other types of marketing.

In the following, Glints will explain what email marketing is, why it’s important to do it, some strategies for success, and what are the tips and tricks you need to do to master it.

What is Email Marketing?

Back in 1978, the first email marketing was created. This type of marketing managed to generate a total revenue of 13 million dollars. This immediately makes it one of the most promising marketing methods.

According to HubSpot, email marketing is not spam or greetings from old friends. If it is understood, email marketing is the middle between the two types of email. When used properly, email marketing can help you build good relationships with customers. However, at the same time it also provides information about your product.

The process of using email marketing is also quite simple, business people or companies can get consumer or potential customer emails with attractive offers, of course. Such as offers to provide several products and services to events for free, to be free to use special rights for a certain period of time.

If you have received a consumer e-mail, then the company will send an e-mail with interesting content. In accordance with the main goal of the company, namely so that consumers can be interested in getting to know the product or business offered. Even if it can go even further, the final target is for consumers to buy the products offered or join the business.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing, compared to other marketing methods, is a bit more traditional. This type of marketing is different from social media marketing, which can make people directly comment on the products provided.

However, in terms of building long-term relationships with customers, this technique can be said to be more appropriate. Through this technique, you can win the hearts of customers and make them more loyal.

Later, if the customer is loyal, then he will not only read emails sent about a product. They will also be patiently waiting for an email from the company regarding the latest product.

Email marketing is important because it has a much greater potential for acquiring new customers than others. According to WBR Digital, the success of this type of new consumer acquisition reached 81%, far greater than social media marketing, which was only 51%.

The last thing that makes this type important is the low cost. According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association, if an email costing $1 is sent, there is the potential to earn up to $40 in profit.

Email Marketing Strategy

A study says that there are 3.8 billion people who use email today. There is also another study that says email marketing is 40 times more effective than Twitter and Facebook.

In fact, there is data that states that customers often buy products immediately after reading emails. This data shows that email marketing can be a good way of marketing today.

However, to take advantage of this email marketing, of course you need some special strategies. Email is different from social media platforms, so it requires a different approach.

Get to know the prospect’s habits

Just like any other type of marketing, the first strategy is to get to know the habits of potential customers. Find out the persona of your prospect and understand their tastes. If this has been done, then the email content suitable for subscribers can be generated.

Set sales targets via email

First of all, first research in your industry what the average sales are successfully made from email. Use that average as a benchmark for setting your sales targets. Then, you also need accurate email usage data so you can set realistic targets.

Group users

If you already know your customer personas and sales targets, it’s time to group users or customers into a specific list. You can group them by interests, age, location where you live, and so on. They will receive a special email regarding the latest product, of course, which has been adjusted to the group’s profile.

Determine your campaign type

Before you start sending emails, first determine the type of campaign you want to run. These campaigns are linked to the subscriber profiles of the email lists that you have segmented. Make sure your campaign matches the profile of the customer you are targeting.

Don’t forget, also set a schedule for sending emails that are right for your subscribers. Tell your subscribers up front what emails to send and how often they will receive them. This aims to build trust and so that they always remember your brand.

Evaluate and measure the results

Measure the results of email marketing that has been executed. After implementing the various strategies that have been exemplified above, the measure of success must be determined immediately.

There are several ways you can measure the success of email marketing. This can be done by setting clear KPIs or using the A/B testing method.

Tips for Avoiding Spam Incoming Emails

When you use email marketing, don’t let the email sent be considered spam. When email marketing created by a company is included in the spam category, it will disrupt the relationship between the company and the customer. The effectiveness of the email marketing that is created cannot be measured.

So, so that the email marketing that is created does not become spam, there are several ways that can be taken. First, emails must be whitelisted, which means the opposite of blacklisting. Make sure customers don’t mark emails from your company as spam.

Also make sure that customers include your company email address in their contact list. You can provide these instructions at the start, after they register their email and personal data.

Second, don’t use a lot of words that are included in spam words (one of them is, “Click below,”). These words will usually be easily detected by the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Third, use a trusted email service provider. Try to use an email service provider that is an email service provider made by a well-known company. It will also affect the level of customer trust.

Those are the sundries of email marketings that you need to know. How, are you interested in trying this challenge? Immediately look for marketing job vacancies at Glints and sign up to make your dream marketing career come true, come on!

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