Email Marketing: Complete Explanation for Beginners

It is common knowledge that digital email marketing is currently one of the things that is currently popular, especially in business. Many businesses are slowly using digital marketing as a strategy to carry out marketing and improve business.

But did you know that digital marketing has various channels that can be used to run campaigns according to business needs and target markets. One of the digital marketing channels that is widely used is Email Marketings.

Long before social media emerged as a digital marketing channel, email marketings was the most widely used channel for marketing activities. Starting from brand awareness, bringing in traffic, to increasing conversions.

Then what exactly is Email Marketings? Why is Email Marketing still important to use and how is the strategy implemented? Let’s look at the answer in the following article.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketings is a digital marketing channel that uses email to promote products or services. Not only for promotion, Email Marketing is also used to build relationships with potential customers or clients.

Generally, email marketings activities are sending newsletters about the latest products, ongoing promotions, and updates about the company. Apart from that, email marketing is also usually used to send greetings for special days, such as birthdays, new years, or other celebrations. This of course aims to build closeness between brands and customers or clients.

Why is Email Marketing Important to Use?

Reach Audiences In Real Time

Email has the ability to keep your subscribers informed in real time. Because email can be opened even via an imobile device. Consumers can check their email at any time.

People Use and Engage with Email a Lot

Whether you realize it or not, more than half of the planet uses email today. Email has become a form of communication, especially when it comes to work. Email has provided a feature to reply to emails in a certain way. Whether it’s to reply, forward, click to something else embedded in an email, delete, or buy something, or sign up. The large number of email users with high levels of engagement makes it the perfect channel for your marketing strategy.

Stay Connected with Your Audience Personally

Through email marketings, you can segment your email list based on any customer characteristics that you think are relevant to your business. For example, if you are a sports brand, you can segment your customers by their preferred sport. This makes your campaign in email marketing more personal.

Building Relationships and Customer Loyalty

As previously mentioned, email marketings can be personalized, in this case, you understand your audience based on their background and needs. Email gives you the opportunity to proactively reach prospects and clients to show your enthusiasm and interest. From here, you indirectly build customer loyalty relationships through email marketing.

Easy to Track and Measure

Email marketing is a marketing channel that is easy to track and measure its performance levels. Most email marketing tools offer the ability to track what happens after you send out your email campaign. You can track sending rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, click-through rates and open rates. This gives you a better understanding of how your email campaigns work, which ones should be changed or which should be eliminated altogether

What is the Strategy for Running Email Marketing?

Create a List of your Customers or Potential Customers

The first thing you should realize if you want to run email marketings is to make a list of customers or potential customers that you will send email marketing to. How do you get the data? That is through your website, in your store, or at an event..

Play Content and Copywriting

Don’t just send promotional ads each day to one customer. But use your email to build rapport with customers by providing your expertise or someone else’s. Use a variety of content and copywriting that catches the attention of customers.

Create a Delivery Schedule

Apart from creating different types of content, you also have to deliver to your subscribers on a consistent and scheduled basis. Let’s say you send out a newsletter every Monday. Then on Wednesday you submit product offers, and so on. Sending emails on the same day (or days) every week will help your subscribers know what to expect from you and when.

Value Your Customers

You should realize that the people you are communicating with trust you with their information, so you need to respect them. If you want the opportunity to turn them from customers to fans and even people who volunteer to recommend your brand, make them feel special.

Why Should You Use Email Marketing for Business?

If you have created an online store website using WordPress and want to increase conversions, email marketings is a must-try method. However, creating email marketing on WordPress will indeed take a little time.

To create email marketings, you need to use a third party service. Relax, there are many email marketing tools that can help you do all the process easily. Email marketing is a method that you should consider because it has a number of advantages, including:

  • You can create a list of customer emails. Generally, visitors who are willing to enter their email address after creating an account on your website are definitely people who are interested in your content. So, these users will directly increase conversions, especially if you keep updating all important information from your website.
  • Also increase website traffic. From the past until now, email has always been a tool that can remind subscribers about the existence of your website. So, it’s no wonder that they will come back to your site again.
  • Email marketing can increase conversions. By sending emails, you can increase sales, especially if you are promoting a new service or product.

As mentioned above, creating email marketings does take time and effort. You need to come up with new ideas for the campaign, test the email, and make sure subscribers are getting the right information without making them feel like they’re receiving email spam. Luckily, many email marketing platforms are now available that allow you to automate the process.

With this tool, you can create emails in advance, then schedule them to be sent later automatically. In fact, you can even create triggers for certain emails, for example a ‘welcome’ email which is then sent automatically when visitors create an account and enter their email address.

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