Email Marketing Definition, Benefits and How to Use It

Email marketing is a digital marketing method that is carried out by sending emails to customers or consumers. With various purposes, some are just to provide information and education related to products and so on to consumers. Some are done to do branding or to increase sales.

In an era of increasingly sophisticated technological developments. Companies in running their business use the most efficient way possible in carrying out marketing strategies. Including one of them in this case is using email marketing which is still the mainstay of many companies. This cannot be separated from the activity of sending emails that occur continuously.

The rise of the use of social media amid the rapid development of technology, this also has an impact on marketing. Social media marketing is a popular term, like it or not, business people. Especially large companies, must adapt to these changes in development so that they can continue to exist.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketings is an online marketing method that is carried out by sending emails to consumers or potential customers. The goals vary, from educating potential customers, doing branding, to increasing sales.

The process of using email marketing is also quite simple, business people or companies can get consumer or potential customer emails with attractive offers, of course. Such as offers to provide several products and services to events for free.

If you have received a consumer e-mail, then the company will send an e-mail with interesting content. In accordance with the main goal of the company, namely so that consumers can be interested in getting to know the product. Even if it can go even further, the final target is for consumers to buy the products offered or join the business.

The use of email as marketing was first carried out in 1978. Interestingly, even though it was used for the first time, this method was effective in attracting customers. It was proven that the first email marketing was able to generate sales of more than 13 million dollars. It’s no wonder why since then email marketings has been used as a promotion or marketing effort that is now relevant.

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing

Because the functions that are owned have a real impact that generates abundant profits, it’s not without reason why email marketing is still used as a marketing method. This is because there are many functions. Not just one but several functions that have a real impact on the process of selling goods for a company or business, among others.

Increase Traffic to Website

Using email marketings is a very reliable way to get customers to visit the official website of a company or website. Companies or businesses can include relevant links to sites in the email content. In addition, email content can also be used to allow customers to view other products.

Turning Visitors into Buyers

The main purpose of using email marketing is the convenience of making offers to customers. This is done in order to meet the target to be achieved, namely so that visitors are interested in the products offered and then buy them. This is what will be able to change the status of visitors to buyers.

Targeting Correctly

In the sales industry, targeting is needed which is obtained by conducting research, regarding the average sales industry that can be carried out or successfully carried out using email marketing. This average use will later be used as a benchmark in determining sales targets. In addition to requiring data on email usage and setting realistic targets.

Reducing Marketing Expenses

In implementing email marketing, it can be seen clearly that the costs incurred for this process are relatively small. However, the results of the marketing process using email marketing are arguably very optimal. That’s why more than 90 percent of consumers check email every day because it is considered more effective than social media.

How to Practice Email Marketing in 6 Steps

Email marketing generates at least an average of 40x ROI (4,000%), with 60% of customers making purchases using email marketing. Of course, this should not be perpetuated, in an era of technological development that is increasingly crazy with sophistication and must always be updated, here’s how to put it into practice.

Use the Right Email Marketing Software

The process of sending email marketing is very different from personal email, using either Gmail or Yahoo. In email marketing, a company needs to make an attractive email display, which can include adding images, videos to a website landing page. This is done so that the objectives of the marketing strategy can be achieved.

In carrying out this first process, you must be smart in choosing email marketing tools, some of the best platforms to operate this system are examples of email marketings such as OptinMonster, Sumo and Mailchimp.

Determine Your Business Email Marketing Goals

Email marketings will not work if you do not have an email address to target, in this case the customer’s email address. Use an email list as an email list from consumers, the goal is to promote products.

Make Lead Magnets

You can make a valuable offer, because the contents of emails sent to customers or potential customers are not just information. But there are also attractive offers that customers can get. The purpose of giving this attractive offer is so that potential customers can immediately become buyers.

Send Interesting Emails

In this case, the email subject must be thought out and made as good as possible, the company or business person must ensure that the email subject is not too long. Or even until it doesn’t match the contents of the email or clickbait. The subject must be able to make potential customers then become customers.

Determine the Right Time to Send Emails

Working hours in the morning are the most appropriate time to send email marketings, it can also be during the day close. Especially if this e-mail marketing targets personal e-mails where notifications can be sent directly via smartphones used by potential customers.

Monitor Business Email Marketing Performance

There are more than 50 percent of email recipients who will open it via a mobile device or cellphone. Because today’s cellphones are very sophisticated in terms of performance and advantages. Monitor continuously the progress of sending emails, and if there is a reply, immediately follow up.

This is an explanation of email marketing, benefits to how to implement in the business world. Overall this material will be included in one of Sampoerna University’s focuses. The Faculty of Business will prepare graduates to be able to compete not only at the national level.

In addition, the ability to master technological developments is also one of the keys. Considering that the business world and current technological developments are very difficult to separate. The Faculty of Engineering and Technology Sampoerna University is committed to building STEAM competencies namely Science, Technology, Engineering.

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