Advantages of Using Cloud Server Security

Of course, there are many advantages of using cloud server security online. That’s why many companies today choose to use it instead of using offline storage media. Cloud security itself is the protection of data stored using cloud computing online.

In this case the security methods include penetration testing, firewalls, VPN, avoiding public internet connections, etc. So the system used is a way to avoid cyber crime. Fortunately, this technology now makes the process easier and doesn’t take much time.

When there are changes to a program in the local network, the data can be readjusted by reinstalling it. When used on a computer, it requires an application program and a supporting operating system. So that the performance can run as it should.

In terms of convenience, this has made several large companies start to look at it. Even though the system can only be rented, it is enough to keep the company’s important information data safe and secure. That is why it is said that the advantages of using cloud security are numerous, regardless of the process.

How Cloud Server Work

The way a cloud server works can be compared to as simple as using a water tank. When you want to water your plants, instead of drawing water from the well, you can simply turn on the faucet and supply the amount of water you need. How does that mean?

Now, imagine if the tank is likened to a virtual server, while the water inside contains data and programs. To flow water to the faucet, you need pipes or the internet. By having all of that, you are free to use all the resources stored on the virtual server. And not just one tank, the ‘pipe’ is able to connect you with various tanks around the world. So, you can access it anywhere.

Interestingly, cloud servers allow you to combine several water tanks into one. So in a way, you will have unlimited resources. Interesting, right?

Cloud Security

Now, imagine if you store company data on a laptop and unfortunately the laptop is either stolen or infected with a virus. All important data is lost or damaged, even though you don’t have a back-up. Dizzy, right?

So if you use a cloud server security, your data obviously won’t be destroyed that easily. In fact, companies that use cloud servers have managed to increase their security by up to 94%.

In fact, even though your data is also stored on a physical server, its security is far more guaranteed. This is because the physical server is not in an ordinary room, but in a certain data center. Here are some of the advantages of using cloud security:

Information Storage in Cloud Computing

Even though each service is considered to provide its own advantages in solving technological problems, it turns out that cloud computing is not really safe. If you don’t choose the right provider, then your company’s important confidential data can be at risk of being stolen.

Therefore, in this case the management is responsible for all security risks of customer system data protection. You must pay close attention to the procedures and implementation of policies to ensure the security of customer data. The policy must also be in accordance with practice.

So before finding out the advantages of using cloud security, you have to know about it first. So you know what kind of cloud server computing service you have to choose according to your company’s needs. Because after all the security controls used are not much different from the IT environment.

It’s just that cloud technology utilizes internet media, so the risks posed are different from traditional IT conditions in general. What is certain to determine the level of security, you can see it from the security. One of them is whether security control is used for several layers or just one.

Apart from that, pay attention to network, systems, facilities, applications, and data security. A good provider should always include security control in every process and management. So that there is a separation of duties according to their functions so that their performance runs smoothly without any obstacles.

By paying attention to this, of course you can benefit from using the right cloud server security. However, every user may not be able to benefit if they do not know what kind of security is used by the provider. Therefore, pay attention to the security of storage before choosing it.

Important Factors to Maintain Cloud Secure

Speaking of cloud technology, of course you are no stranger to its security system. As you know, this technology makes it easier for you to store data online. However, if you are not careful, your data can be stolen just like that. Therefore pay attention to the following so that cloud server security is maintained:

  • When starting to decide to use cloud technology, make sure the data protection must be safe from the provider. You have to know what kind of methods are used by them to keep data safe. Also ask for the data storage location because this is related to the data center.
  • In order to experience the benefits of using cloud security, you should know what access is like. You must first understand the rules set by the provider. One of them knows who can access file A and so on. This is related to security control.
  • If you want to get real benefits from this technology, first understand the vendor standards. For example using ISO 27001 or COBIT. So this is where when there is a problem, you can solve it quickly. Because you already know the standard cloud used from the start.
  • The nature of the cloud is generally resource sharing. So you always have to be prepared when a tenant commits fraud so that data security becomes insecure. However, the data stored can be one with the other. Therefore, ask about multi-tenancy.

Advantages of Using Cloud Server Secure

Cloud can be interpreted as an online data storage medium by simply uploading it. So how to use it is very easy. Currently there are many types of cloud that can be used for personal and business needs. The following are the advantages of using cloud security for data storage media, including:

  • It is undeniable that this technology has very good capacity flexibility. So you don’t need to think about its capacity because it is unlimited. That way you can use it according to your needs without adding devices such as conventional servers. So that the advantage is clearly more economical in cost and time.
  • Another advantage of using cloud security is that it is very safe. Because it is equipped with special encryption inside. With encryption, every data is covered by layers of security. So that data confidentiality is always maintained at all times beyond the use of manual storage media. That’s why cloud security is popular.
  • Generally, every cloud security is supported by a good data back-up process. So that any stored data is always maintained without problems and is not lost. So when one is lost, you can still use it again because there is a back up feature here.

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