Advantages of Using Cloud Server Security

Of course, there are many advantages of using cloud server security online. That’s why many companies today choose to use it instead of using offline storage media. Cloud security itself is the protection of data stored using cloud computing online. In this case the security methods include penetration testing, firewalls, VPN, avoiding public internet connections, … Read more

Cloud Servers Security

The rapid development of technology has given rise to various ways to secure your cloud servers effectively and efficiently. Data storage media has progressed, starting from the system, its shape to the model. There are various models of conventional to cloud-based storage. Cloud-based online storage media does not require a real physical form. This is … Read more

What is The Definiton of Cloud Server?

Cloud server are virtual servers running in a cloud computing environment. Cloud computing is a technology for storing and processing data using internet resources. Like a cloud, all the data you need is stored in a virtual space on the internet. It’s no longer only on physical storage devices such as flash drives, computer memory, … Read more